In The News 2006

Jobs of Joy

Relish a life of adventure, help change the world and . . . get paid for it! StarWeekend looks into dream jobs. YOU’VE got a dream job!” friends exclaim.

The Staunch Disbelievers

BomohGlossary of Malaysian ghosts: Pontianak or kuntilanak – A type of vampire in Malay folklore. Langsuir – A version of pontianak but said to be the deadliest banshee in Malay folklore.

What the Experience Guide Said

"This green badge programme is a good basic foundation for guides but they have to take it to the next level with field experience, observation and also learning from experienced guides," said Irshad Mobarak, 46, a naturalist and nature guide in Langkawi Island with 15 years of guiding experience.