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David Bellamy goes back to nature

Five yards away, Irshad Mobarak breathes deeply and prepares to play devil’s advocate. “In the business world, this would be fully understood,” he muses, arm extended, tracing the long shape of the arboreal aggressor to his left. “Just think of it as a hostile takeover.”

Malaysia’s Natural Wonders

Article by on 19 November 2014 published by Oryx inflight Magazine As Malaysia’s favourite celebritynaturalist, Mobarak is known to TV viewers as...

Biograph of Irshad Mobarak

Irshad Mobarak has been a keen naturalist since his childhood. Inspired by the lives and deeds of pioneer naturalists and explorers such as the legendary Alfred Russel Wallace and the renowned botanist , writer and environmental campaigner , Professor David Bellamy, Irshad left his banking career and walked down the path of Natural History.

A Flying Visit

Although not much bigger than the Isle of Wight, Malaysia’s Langkawi Island is home to an array of unique wildlife, including flying lemurs..

Why Langkawi is a haven for the wild at heart

Article by Tigertales Asia on January – Feb 2015 Why Langkawi is a haven for the wild at heart: tiger tales...

Langkawi: Getting Back to Nature

Languid and laid-back, the island destination of Langkawi offers considerably more than the usual sand and sea associated with such holiday retreats. Travel photojournalist David Bowden explores the wilder side of Langkawi and finds it an ideal place to get back to nature.