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Our Man In Langkawi – Irshad Mobarak

Article by Open Skies On 22 October 2014 Images by Mark Eveleigh  Known affectionately as the ‘Junglewalla’, the founder of Natural History...

10 Minutes with Irshad Mobarak

Naturalist Irshad Mobarak has consulted for and appeared in international documentaries such as National Geographic Channel’s Mysteries of the Malaysian Rainforest. RACHEL AJ LEE chats with the passionate birder and conservationist.

Trouble in paradise: Langkawi struggles to hold onto Unesco geopark status

"All issues are a problem of enforcement," says Irshad Mobarak, a former banker who is now owner of eco-tour agency Jungle Walla. "Unesco requested LADA to employ geopark wardens, who would be clearly identifiable in marked vehicles and uniforms, to manage nature-based activities. The wardens have no authority. So all they can do is take pictures and report, and that reporting just ends up back in the bureaucratic circle.

From the beach to Beach Street, creature comforts in Malaysia and Thailand

Symbiosis, commensalism, mutualism, parasitism. It’s all been going on here in this rainforest for at least 10 million years.” It’s eight o’clock in the morning and Irshad Mobarak is just getting into his stride.

Rainforest Dwelling

From deep within the rainforests of Langkawi, a peak of sandstone rises that’s one of the oldest in South-East Asia. It’s called Gunung Machinchang and is a mountain that’s been at battle with its nemesis, Gunung Raya, for millennia.

Best Tourist Guide – Langkawi Tourism Awards 2013/14

Congratulation to Irshad Mobarak for the recognition as Best Tourist Guide at Langkawi Tourism Awards 2013/14. This year LADA organized the fourth the Langkawi Tourism Awards (LITA) on 6 December 2014 held at Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre (MIEC) next to the Langkawi International Airport.