In The News 2007

Dedicated Custodians

Individuals who come from diverse backgrounds but share a common bond in being guardians of the nation’s heritage are this year’s Amazing Malaysians.

Tourism can Soar with Birds

KUALA TERENGGANU: It’s time the tourism industry cast an eagle eye on the northern frontier to promote bird-watching. While Taman Negara, Pahang, and Fraser’s Hill are popular havens for bird watchers, several spots in the northern states have equally good potential for such activities.

Amazing Malaysian Awards

The five Amazing Malaysians selected for their brilliant heritage programmes are (from left) Irshad, Pak Saad, Joan, Judeth and Voon Fee. Be amazed at what they do. DEBRA CHONG and SU AZIZ write on the aspirations of five outstanding individuals.

Enjoying the Wild

One of Malaysia’s most accessible and beautiful tropical islands, Pulau Langkawi’s sun-drenched tropical climate, white powdered and black volcanic beaches, and welcoming people make it a popular tourist destination. However, there’s more to Langkawi life than beach-bumming, as Rowena Forbes discovered...

Junglewallah Pulihara Alam Sekitar

Program DiGi Telecommunications Disertai 20 Pelajar Sekolah Sekitar Langkawi Teroka Hutan Simpan Gunung Machinchang. Langkawi : Pemuliharaan hutan bukan saja membantu menyediakan kehidupan yang lebih sempurna, malah dapat mengekalkan khazanah flora dan fauna serta alam semulajadi lain untuk diwarisi generasi akan datang.

Langkawi’s New Groove

As a young boy, Irshad Mobarak often accompanied his father into the wilderness. “Those were the best times of my life, and the love for nature became ingrained in me,’’ says Irshad, the ninth child in a family of 10.

Going green in Langkawi

Parts of Pulau Langkawi just got greener, with fruit-bearing trees being recently planted to nurture wildlife. Three HSBC Bank Malaysia Bhd staff members – Jennifer Leong, Leong Li Yim and Kee Thuan Lye – got the project off with help from Langkawi nature tour group Natural History Expeditions and Malaysian Nature Society (MNS)

Lush, Luxe Langkawi

We rise with the sun to meet Irshad Mobarak, clad in jungle camouflage, Irshad, who runs an outfit called JungleWalla Tours, regularly leads complimentary bird-watching treks for guests of The Datai. When I grouse about having to get up so early, he explains that eight in the morning is already midday in the rain forest. Before I can seriously consider sneaking off back to bed, guttural hoots reverberate around me.

Mangroves, birds, flying squirrels and flying lemurs!

We were fortunate to have Irshad as our guide. His passion as a conservationist really came out as he generously shared his extensive knowledge about the environment, the mangroves, birds, animals, and plants of Langkawi. He was entertaining as well, e.g. when he went into how the sea eagles find their mate for life!

A true-blue naturalist

Langkawi’s wildlife is now in danger of extinction due to habitat segmentation and in-breeding. A man dubbed ‘The Jungle-Wallah’ by DiGi’s Amazing Malaysian 2007 project is helping to arrest this problem. THE crowd of primary and secondary school children gathered on a recent weekend at the Berjaya Resort and Spa Langkawi for a nature adventure had a true-blue naturalist as their guide.

Langkawi Initiative

There is an increasing emphasis on the eco tourism potential of Malaysia’s Langkawi Island. We recognize this, but the island is at watershed, it is in danger of losing the very attractions the eco tourists come for, the rainforest, the limestone forest, the mangrove forest and all its wildlife. We need to take immediate steps to safe guard this valuable natural capital writes Tour Operator and Conservationist, Irshad Mobarak.